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The BRF 2015 is an accompanying and follow-up event to the Bohemian Gran Fondo (the BGF being a cycling event) for sports enthusiasts that support the charitable purpose behind the BGF 2015, but for some reason can’t participate in the BGF 2015 or for cyclists who want to dissolve the fatigue from the preceding day with yet another sports event in the heart of this Renaissance jewel.

From the athletic point of view, the BRF is an 8 km long road race (with about 40% of it being held on an ideal running surface- dirt paths) throughout which the participants complete a route with a significant climbing profile and three timed sections that constitute about half of the entire route. The course leads along city and castle parks, the pedestrian part of the historical city or less frequented streets of the city center. The overall time of the run is only a matter of official consequences and is insignificant for determining the winner of the BRF 2015. The winner of the BRF 2015 will be the female and male runners with the best sum of points from the three timed sections. The first timed section is an ascent with, approximatively, an average 10% gradient and a length of almost 900m. The second timed section is a tempo run of 2,6 km in the whereabouts of the castle gardens. The third timed section is a 600m final sprint along the riverbanks of the Vltava up to the finish line of the BRF 2015.

The four races in one give an opportunity to families, friends or work groups to organize their own personal championships in different running disciplines and to admire the beauty of the Renaissance city together. The results will be presented next to the name of each participant next to the overall time and the times from each timed section.

Another purpose of the BRF 2015 is presenting Cesky Krumlov, world renowned for its historical and cultural monuments. The BRF will lead its runners through parts of the historical center and the castle, but they will, along receiving a start number, also get a pass that will enable them to enter, free of charge, many cultural institutions of the city- the castle tower, the castle basements, the Egon Schiele Center of Art, the city museum, Seidel’s studio and many others. The start number will also provide them with sales in various restaurants and hotels that will all contribute to making their weekend a memorable and enjoyable one.

Last but not least, the organizers would like to remind the participants of the fate of the original German residents of the city, the so-called bohemians, that were obliged to leave their homes, where they resided over centuries, seventy years ago. These homes are now part of a city that prides itself as being part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites since 1992, and so we hope to keep the memory of the original residents of this city alive.

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