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The smooth course of things during the BGF 2015 and a growing popularity among the participants were decisive in the propositions for the 3rd Bohemian Gran Fondo that will take place on October 1st, 2016 in Cesky Krumlov. Our main goal for this year is assuring the utmost safety for everyone during the BGF 2016.

We have prepared major changes for you from the athletic point of view. More detailed information can be find on our website.

  • An added 5th route - the 5K Monument (5KM) that, due to its length and elevation (221 km long with 5282 climbed meters), presents a new, real challenge for those looking for one.The participants of the 5KM will be able to opt for a shorter route back mid-ride if necessary (with a start in BAT) - 3.5K MO…MENT Fondo (35F, 145 km, 3460 m).
  • An added fourth timed section Arnostov-Dlouhy hreben (5KM, BGF, FCK).
  • A newly revised route for the Sponsor Fondo (SPF).
  • A new name, Bike-A-Thon (BAT), for the shortest route. The final individual standings will order the participants’ names according to their bib numbers.
  •  A new point-based TEAM competition where each member rides a different type of course.

Important changes are also underway concerning the registration fees. Those who register early will be charged less than those who choose to register later. An advantageous registration fee will also be put in place for the 3-member teams.

Climb/Distance Type of course Course Month of registration* - in EUR On the day of start
4 5 6-8 9
1K/44K Bike-A-Thon (BAT) BAT 28 32 35 39 45
2K/75K Fondo (F) SPF 32 35 39 43 50
3K/120K Fondo (F) FCK 35 39 43 47 55
4K/183K Gran Fondo (GF) BGF 39 43 47 51 60
5K/221K Gran Fondo (GF) 5KM 43 47 51 54 NA
  1xBAT+1xF+1GF TEAM 88 100 111 122 NA

*) Registration means fully paid registration fee (starting fee)

The BGF 2016 will also continue in its charitable pursuit. In last year’s edition, a total sum of 100 000,- CZK was transferred to our partner’s, the Project 35, bank account. We are paying close attention to choosing our charity partner and will announce who it will be this year as soon as we know.

The entire BGF team looks forward to seeing you October 1st, 2016 in Český Krumlov at the start of one of the BGF 2016 routes.

Jiří Hlach

Club of Bohemian Gran Fondo,z.s.


Phone: +420 728 009 265
E-mail: info@bohemiangranfondo.cz
ICO: 03019896
Bank account: 211 024 5155/2700
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