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I am 17 years old. Can I ride the Bohemian GRAN FONDO?
Yes, you can, but you can ride only the Bike-a-thon (BAT) , where the age limit is 15 years and up. For the other courses the minimum age is 18 years. Age is determined by the age reached at the day of BGF. Anyone younger than 18 years needs a parent signature.

How much is the starting fee?
All five courses of the Bohemian GRAN FONDO have different registration fees that depend on the date of your registration.

If an unexpected event takes place and I am not able to ride the BGF, can I get my registration fee back?
If you really want to have your registration fee returned, please contact the organizers of the BGF and we will try to work out a solution.

Can I ride on my mountain bike?
Yes, you can. Riders may use any standard bicycle with functional brakes and that is in good technical condition. It includes road bikes, TT bikes, mountain bikes and touring bikes. Only one bike can be used during the event.

What is the condition of the roads?

All roads are paved and all the courses are meant for road bikes. Of course, the mountain bikes are welcomed too.

Do I need a medical certificate?
No, but we highly encourage the participants to undergo a medical checkup before the ride.

Who will benefit from my ride?
We are in the process of choosing our charity partner for this year. As soon as we know who it will be, we will inform you through our website.

I experienced trouble with the registration. What should I do?
Please, feel free to contact us via phone: +420 728 009 265 or send us an email:  info@bohemiangranfondo.cz

Is the road closed to traffic?
The challenging ride will be held on the roads open to traffic, but they are mostly the least frequented roads of the region. All the participants are fully responsible for their own safety and must obey all traffic rules. The event is organized with the help of the Police and on some roads the traffic will be partially limited.

What do I need to do if I have a mechanical break down and won’t be able to finish?
Mechanical support is possible upon request (and for a charge), but all participants should be ready to solve problems like “flat tires” using their own resources. In the case of serious troubles during the ride, the riders should promptly inform the organizers (phone Nr. + 420 728 009 265), or in the case of medical emergency issues to contact directly the central rescue system (phone Nr. 112).

What should I do in case of sudden health deterioration which does not allow me to finish?
In this case promptly inform the organizers (phone Nr. +420 728 009 265) and discuss the next step. In the emergency situation, please call directly the central emergency system (phone Nr. 112).

The finish is outside of Český Krumlov. How do I get back to the start in Český Krumlov?
The finish line of all the routes is on the summit of the nearby mountain Klet. The nice and safe downhill ride is about 11 km long and will most likely allow you to forget the “recent hardship” of the challenging ride.

When and where do I need to pick up my starting number?
The riders of the 5KM must complete their prestart registration on the evening before their ride ( 22.9.2017) anywhere between 5 - 8 pm. The other participants of the BGF can also register on the evening before the event ( 22.9.2017, 5 - 8 pm) and on the day of the event starting at 7 am, at the latest 15 minutes before the start of their respective ride. Registration in the morning before the start of the 5KM will not be possible. The registration will take place this year in DDM ( The house of the kids)  which is located about 50 m from the start on parking lot 3.

Is there a deposit for the chip?
No. The chip is part of your bib number. The bib numbers belong to the riders and don't need to be returned.

Where do I find my overall time and the placement in the Bohemian Gran Fondo?
The final results will be available on the Bohemian Gran Fondo website - including with the overall time and the placement in each category. The winners will be decorated in the evening ceremony.

I cannot find the registration for the 3.5K MO..MENT route. Where can I register for it?
You cannot register for this route. It is only an alternative option for the riders of the 5KM route who cannot, for whatever reasons, complete their originaly chosen route.


Phone: +420 728 009 265
E-mail: info@bohemiangranfondo.cz
ICO: 03019896
Bank account: 211 024 5155/2700
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