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Bohemian GRAN FONDO is not only a challenging sport event. The main goal is to fundraise resources for the cancer fight, and the resources obtain from the active participants of the BGF. Such a sport event lays a big demand on the organization and requires the cooperation of many people; many of them volunteers. The leverage effect is in place here: each euro invested into the organization of such event will generate more money to benefit the needy recipients, in our case the oncological patients. The best example is the Pan Massachusetts Challenge taking part every year since 1980 (http://www.pmc.org). It is organized exclusively by the sponsor’s money. In 2014, the organizers of PMC were able to collect from the riders over 42 million of USD and 100% of this amount was donated, as always, to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.

The donation to the Club for Bohemian Gran Fondo,z.s. is tax deductible in your tax forms. We will be happy to help you with the donation process. You decide if your donation will be publicly known information, or if you prefer the anonymity. In both cases the organizers of BGF and also the oncological patients would like to truly thank you for your donation. For the donation, please use our payment portal on this page.  

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Phone: +420 728 009 265
E-mail: info@bohemiangranfondo.cz
ICO: 03019896
Bank account: 211 024 5155/2700
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