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20.12.2017 Be sure you read the Newsletter , see the documentary in TV and marke your calendars 

25.9.2017 First pictures are in the gallery and more is to come....

24.9.2017 The timed section Rozmberk - Vetrna was added by mistake to the results of 5KM. We are sorry for it; the results are now corrected.

23.9.2017 The results are HERE.

21.9.2017 The online registration will be closed today at 9 pm, however, you can still register before the start with the exception of 5KM registration on Saturday ( not possible).

21.9.2017 The newest NEWSLETTER is here. Please make sure you read it aand are aware of last minute slight changes...


Organizational Modifications
a. The start of the BAT will happen 30 minutes later than originally planned, i.e. at 1:30 pm. The reason for this slight change are organizational reasons.
b. A slight change is also in the last section of the BGF and FCK routes. The two routes were supposed to separate themselves from the others (BAT and 5KM) and continue to Cerveny Dvur and from there ascend to Hejdlov, Plansky and Klet.
After a slight change, the routes BGF and FCK will separate themselves after ascending to Rohy by turning right, while the BAT and 5KM routes will continue straight ahead. The riders will be informed of where to turn by horizontal markings on the road and by an organizer who will be present.
The reason behind this change is the heightened safety of the riders, a newly redone road that has permitted this change and a more interesting new route that the one formerly planned.
The new section is approximately two kilometers longer and has a few tens of meters of elevation.
c. The start of every route will traditionally happen behind a car that will lead the riders out of the city and onto the first timed section.

20.9.2017 Online registration will be closed on September 21st at 9 pm. It is possible to register at start on Friday (5-8 pm) or Saturday from 7 am ( no registration for 5 KM possible then)

18.9.2017 We hope you've all seen a change of start from previous years - BGF 2017 starts from Parking lot P3. We have also about 120 parking places available for participants. Parking is available from Friday evening until Saturday evening, in case of appointment even until Sunday. 5KM Riders must make a pre-registration on the eve of their ride (22.9.2017) from 17.00 to 20.00. Other Bohemian Gran Fondo participants may register on the eve of the race (ie 22.9.2017) from 17.00 to 20.00 or on Saturday 23.9. 2017 from 7:00 am, but no later than 15 minutes before the start of the selected route. Registration in the morning before the start of 5KM will not be possible. This year's registration will be in  the “ House of the Youth - DDM” right next to the P3 parking lot. The DDM is 50 meters from the start. Those who will register on Friday will receive a voucher for consumption in the adjoining cafeteria at the Synagogue, which they can use at any time during the weekend.

16.09.2017 Donť forget what offers brings you your MAGICAL STARTING NUMBER : http://www.bohemiangranfondo.cz/en/magic-number

5.9. Promo video Bohemian Gran Fondo 2017

28.8.2017 Be sure you read our newest Newsletter about road markings etc - click here


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E-mail: info@bohemiangranfondo.cz
ICO: 03019896
Bank account: 211 024 5155/2700
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