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All successful participants of the BGF 2017 will be awarded with a participant medal at the finish line. A successful participant is anyone who finishes the given route in the time limit. The overall times are not decisive for the individual results in the BGF 2017. The individual rankings for each route will only depend on the attained results in the timed sections. The only condition to being included in the individual rankings is to finish your chosen route under the time limit.

Individual competitions

  1. Winner of the ride
    The riders with the lowest sum of times from the timed sections will be awarded as winners of the 5K Monument, the Bohemian Gran Fondo or the Cesky Krumlov Fondo, respectively. The winners will always be the best female and the best male riders from the given route. The Bike-A-Thon and the Sponsor Yourself Fondo are non-competitive rides and no winners will awarded.
    Route Price money
    Men Women
    5KM 2000,- Kč 2000,- Kč
    BGF 1000,- Kč 1000,- Kč
    FCK 500,- Kč 500,- Kč
  2. Winner of a timed sections
    A winner will be announced from every single timed section in both the female and male categories as the riders with the fastest times, under the condition that they finish his/her respective route under the time limit.
    Timed section Price money
    Men Women
    CK start – Křížový vrch 500,- Kč 500,- Kč
    CK nádraží - Plánský 500,- Kč 500,- Kč
    Arnoštov – Dlouhý Hřeben 500,- Kč 500,- Kč
    Hejdlov - Plánský 500,- Kč 500,- Kč
  3. Winner of the climbing competition
    The King/Queen of the Mountain competition is only destined for the successful finishers of the 5KM or the BGF. The winners of this competition will be the riders with the highest sum of points from the timed sections 1, 2 and 3 (CK start-Krizovy vrch, CK Nadrazi-Plansky, Arnoštov-Dlouhý Hřeben). The points from each timed section will be awarded based on the following chart. If the sum of the points is the identical, the overall sum of the times will be decisive. Both winners will receive a sum of 1 500 Czech crowns.
      Points earned in TS  
      CK Start – Křížový vrch CK Nádraží - Plánský Arnoštov - Dl. Hřeben Hejdlov - Plánský
      Category - 1C Category - HC Category - 1C Category - 2C
    1. 12 15 12 6
    2. 9 10 9 4
    3. 7 8 7 3
    4. 5 7 5 2
    5. 4 6 4 1
    6. 3 5 3  
    7. 2 4 2  
    8. 1 3 1  
    9.   2    
    10.   1    

Team competitions

Team competitions will not be written out this year.


Phone: +420 728 009 265
E-mail: info@bohemiangranfondo.cz
ICO: 03019896
Bank account: 211 024 5155/2700
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