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The Bohemian Gran Fondo 2017 is five challenging endurance-testing routes. All the routes start in Cesky Krumlov, at the parking lot P3. The routes 5KM, BGF, FCK and BAT finish by the broadcasting tower of the highest mountain of the Blansky forest, Klet, and the route SYF will finish at the parking lot P3 (the place of the start).

Route Length [km] Elevation [m] Min. avg. speed Timed section Start time Anticipated arrival time in the finish
BAT 46 1243 10 km/h 1 13:00 14:30-17:30
SYF 71 1609 17 km/h 2 8:30 10:45-12:30
FCK 105 2640 18 km/h 3 11:30 15:30-18:00
BGF 176 4340 18 km/h 4 8:30 14:30-18:30
5KM 230 5469 20.5 km/h 4 7:00 15:15-18:45

All the rides are held on public roads with traffic. The riders are obliged to respect the Czech law and the rules of the road, and are fully responsible for their own safety and health.

  1. Racing license
    The event is not a race and is mainly for amateur cyclists. A racing license is not needed.
  2. Medical exam
    All the participants ride under their own responsibility. However, it is recommended that each one of them undergoes a medical exam before their ride.
  3. Minimal age of the riders
    The Bike-A-Thon is open to riders 15 years old or more, the other routes are open to everyone aged 18 years old or more. The respective age must be attained on the day of the event. For those under 18 years of age, a written consent from a parent or legal guardian is mandatory.
  4. Route
    All the routes lead along public asphalt roads. The riders have to follow the prescribed route and the organizers’ instructions. The organizer maintains the right to make any necessary changes to the route without previous notice.
  5. Type of bicycle
    The riders are free to ride on whatever type of bike, as long as it has two wheels, is in good technical condition and is only spurred by the rider’s own efforts. It is not allowed to change bikes during the ride.
  6. Basic equipment
    a. Mandatory
    • Helmet
    • Personal document with a valid photograph and an insurance card
    • Cellphone
    b. Recommended
    • Water bottles
    • Basic bike repair kit
    • Pumpička nebo CO2 plnění
    • An extra inner tube or an inner tube repair kit
    • Money in the case of unexpected situations
  7. Starting fee
    The starting fee varies, depending on the month of registration. It includes:
    • A bib number
    • Electronic chip
    • Route itinerary in a written and digital form (download available)
    • Route markings and information
    • Overall time and the respective times from each timed section
    • Control points
    • Services along the route:
      • Food, water and toilets on refreshment points at the start, on the route and at the finish line
      • Possibility to refuel with liquids along the route
      • Picking up individual packages and equipment on the designated area along the route (change of clothes, equipment etc.)
      • Pick-up vehicle for the riders not meeting the designated time limit for their route
      • Refreshment after the end of the event
      • Medical assistance for the entire time-being of the event
    Elev. gain
    The type of course Route Month of registration - Euro Day of start
    6 7-8 9
    1.2K/46K Bike-A-Thon (BAT) BAT 30 40 40 40
    1.6K/71K Fondo (F) SYF 35 40 45 50
    2.7K/105K Fondo (F) FCK 35 45 50 55
    4.3K/176K Gran Fondo (GF) BGF 40 50 55 60
    5.5K/230K Gran Fondo (GF) 5KM 40 55 60 NA


    Route Water, food, WC - km Water - km
    Start CK Malšín H. Planá Cíl Zátoň Ktiš Holubov
    BAT 0 km     45 km     33 km
    SYF 0 km     71 km 35 km    
    FCK 0 km   72 km 105 km   39 km  
    BGF 0+71 km   144 km 178 km 35 km 111 km  
    5KM 0+106 km 63 km 172 km 230 km 35 km 145 km 217 km
  8. Control points
    Every route (except the SYF) has at least one key control point that must be attained in the set time limit that corresponds to the minimal speed average set for the respective route. If the rider does not meet this limit, he/she will be redirected to a substitute route that will either follow a shorter BGF route or will directly take the rider to Cesky Krumlov. The rider can always use the pick-up vehicle to get back to Cesky Krumlov.

    Passage time in the critical control points

    Control point Time limit Ride direction - old  Ride direction - new Route
    P3 12:30 5KM Konec nebo BAT 5KM
    Rohy 14:00 Brloh Rojšín, Kleť 5KM, BGF, FCK
    Chvalšiny 17:45 Kleť Č. Krumlov 11km FCK, BAT
    Chvalšiny 17:00 Rohy Č. Krumlov 11km 5KM, BGF
    Holubov 18:00 Kleť Sběrný vůz, CK 5KM, BGF
    • For the riders of the 5K MONUMENT, not attaining the control point by 12:30 means either an end of their ride, or a mandatory change of route. They can continue with the start of the route BAT (start at 1pm) and their new route will bear the name 3.5 MO..MENT (length 151km, 3445 climbed meters). Upon finishing, they will also receive a participant’s medal. It is not possible to register for the 3.5 MO..MENT route before the event.
    • Not attaining the time limit (2pm, 5KM, BGF, FCK, BAT) at the control point Rohy means being redirected to the finish line at Klet and not finishing the ride.
    • Not attaining the time limit for the second control point Chvalsiny (5pm - 5KM / 17:45 - BGF or FCK) means being redirected to the place of the start in Cesky Krumlov (11km of an easy ride)
    • For the riders of the 5KM or the BGF, entrance to the section Holubov-Plansky is only possible till 6pm
  9. Timed sections (TS)
    Every route has one to four timed sections. The individual times in the timed sections will determine the final results in the competitions of the BGF 2017. The riders must enter the timed sections in the time slots (time A-time B) written out in the table below.
      Timed sections  
      Start –
    Křížová hora
    CK Nádraží -
    Arnoštov -
    Dlouhý hřeben
    Hejdlov -
    BAT       41 km Beginning of TS from the start 
    SYF 0.3 km      
    FCK   5 km 54 km 100 km
    BGF 0.3 km 77 km 125 km 172 km
    5KM 0.3 km 101 km 159 km 225 km
      0.9 km 7.9 km 3.2 km 1.7 km Lenght of the TS
      94 m 361 m 144 m 96 m Elevation
      7:00, 8:30 10:57 12:41 14:02 Time A
      7:10, 8:40 12:46 15:27 18:15 Time B
  10. Going over the time limit
    A pick-up vehicle will be available during the entire duration of the BGF to pick-up any riders in need.
  11. Competitions of the BGF 2017
    The Bohemian Gran Fondo is not a race and the overall time is not decisive for the winners of the competitions of the BGF 2017. The detailed description of these competitions can be found in the Rules of the BGF 2017.


Phone: +420 728 009 265
E-mail: info@bohemiangranfondo.cz
ICO: 03019896
Bank account: 211 024 5155/2700
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